Are Your Feet In Pain? Don't Wait to See a Podiatrist

Have you ever woken up and noticed a slight pain in your foot after taking those first few steps out of bed? What about after a long day at work? While this may have become a common occurrence in your day-to-day, the truth is that your feet shouldn’t actually hurt—ever.

With a total of 52 bones, 66 joints, and more than 200 muscles, your feet bear the weight of your entire body and are particularly susceptible to wear-and-tear and injuries. As one of the most widespread and neglected issues affecting Americans today, it’s estimated that more than 75% of the U.S. population will experience a foot problem at least once during their lives.

So why do people put off going to the doctors?

The truth is, most patients hold off on going to the podiatrist because they assume nothing can be done or that it will heal on its own. The misconception here, however, is that while it’s possible for the pain to subside after a while, it’s likely that the underlying condition will remain untreated and worsen over time. 

“Ignoring the pain can lead to increased recovery and time off,” says Dr. Marc Borovoy. “By holding off on coming in, the condition can cause degeneration further.”

With a focus on the foot and ankle, our podiatrists can diagnose and treat any acute injury, as well as any chronic, pain-causing conditions. Whether it’s a sprain or fracture to fungal nails or plantar fasciitis—there is always something we can do to help relieve the pain and properly treat the issue.

So remember: foot pain is NOT normal and the first step to being pain-free is seeing a podiatrist. A single foot exam can help treat any existing problems and prevent any future ones from occurring.

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