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You only have one pair of feet, and they take you everywhere so it’s very important to take care of them while we can. Misalignment in your feet can result in several problems such as, pronation, flat feet, persistent ankle sprains, bunions, corns, calluses, and can even cause back and neck pain.

However, there is something that can help with all these issues. Orthotics! Prescription orthotics are custom-made devices which correct your individual foot problems. The most important feature in a pair of orthotics is that they are made specially and specifically for your feet only.

How do orthotics work you ask? As your foot lays on the custom orthotic, it is gently and consistently directed into the correct position for walking, running, and standing. Custom orthotics are able to eliminate a number of different issues such as pressure points, improper rotation of the foot, and even painful muscle strains because your foot is now functioning properly.

If you suffer from foot pain, discuss with your Podiatrist if custom orthotics are the right fit for you.

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