Jump Into Spring Foot Care!

With spring being right around the corner it is time to get your feet into shape. Here are five helpful tips to get your feet ready for the spring weather!

Tip Number 1:

Wear breathable socks! While it is important to change your socks daily, it is also important to wear breathable socks that way you can minimize bacteria that would grow in damp shoes. 

Tip Number 2:

Exfoliate your feet! Heels get thick skin and painful cracks more in the winter than any other time. Be sure to pumice and exfoliate your heels and calluses regularly and do not forget to take a trip to your podiatrist when they get bad!

Tip Number 3:

Moitsurize! Make sure to apply a moisturizer liberally to your feet prior to bedtime and apply cotton socks for optimal affects!

Tip Number 4:

Limit barefoot walking! Going barefoot can increase skin fissures and increase ground reactive forces that can lead to plantar fasciitis (heel pain). 

Tip Number 5:

Lastly, if you are having any issues or concerns make sure to consult your podiatrist before things get any worse! Our phone number is (248)348-5300. 

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