Suggestions for Keeping Your Feet Happy and Healthy This 4th of July

With the 4th of July weekend upon us, our podiatrists like to offer a small set of suggestions to help keep your feet happy and healthy!

No Barefoot Walking – While walking around barefoot may be an enjoyable act of the warmer weather, it unfortunately puts you at risk of stepping on a foreign body (especially items buried/hidden in the sand and water) or developing an infection. Bacteria thrives in warm, moist environments, such as public pools or restrooms, and going barefoot makes you susceptible to contracting fungal infections, plantar warts, or athlete's foot. Also, if you plan to be near an open grill or fireworks, since a minor spark can cause a serious burn, be sure to wear protective shoes!

Apply Sunscreen – Many people tend to skip over their feet when it comes to applying suntan lotion, but it’s extremely important to protect your feet and ankles from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Change Up Your Shoes – It may be hard to resist the appeal of flip-flops during the summer, but constant wear can cause serious damage if they don’t provide good arch support. Rule of thumb: if you’re able to bend your shoe in half, it doesn’t provide enough support! Our office suggests custom-molded Birkenstocks during the summer, which are available in our office.

Also, if your shoes happen to get wet (most commonly at the pool or beach), make sure to dry them out completely before wearing them again to prevent bacteria and/or fungus from developing.

Call Your Podiatrist First – Before you head to the E.R. or Urgent Care this holiday weekend for a sprain, strain, fracture, or infection, call our office first at (248)348-5300! We’ll be closed July 4th and 5th, but if you call our office and press option 2, you’ll be transferred to the on-call physician! We see a lot of patients who have twisted their foot/ankle (especially from stepping/jumping off of docks, boats, and porches), stepping on something outside, or developing foot pain from not wearing supportive shoes. We’ll be able to advise you on how to properly care for your injury until you’re able to come in for an appointment and help you avoid the long wait times and outrageous costs of going to the ER or Urgent Care first.

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