Treatment for Unsightly Toenail Fungus: PinPointe Laser

Toenail fungus, which affects about 35 million people, can be very difficult to treat for a variety of reasons, most notably the fact that the warm, moist, and dark environment inside your shoes is an ideal growing habitat for the tiny microorganisms. Fortunately, there are several methods to go about treating toenail fungus, including PinPointe Laser, which has been used successfully in our office for over 9 years!

Signs of Nail Fungus:

The patented PinPointe Laser is a specially designed laser beam that goes through the toenail and safely kills the organisms embedded in the nail bed that cause Onychomycosis, more commonly known as toenail fungus. Also, even though the existing nail will not become clear immediately after treatment, the new nail growth will appear normal, as the fungus will no longer be present.

One of the advantages of this breakthrough procedure is that there is no down time. Patients walk in, walk out, and have no physical limitations following treatment. The laser procedure usually takes a couple of minutes depending on the number of nails and the severity of the condition. Additionally, since most fungus is usually killed after one treatment, but also commonly found in one’s environment, our podiatrists will strongly recommend post-procedure care that will greatly reduce the possibility of reinfection.

How to Prevent Repeat Toenail Infections

If you or someone you know believes they may have a fungal infection, feel free to contact our office at (248)348-5300 or request an appointment on our website. Our podiatrists are experts in all areas of foot and ankle care, and will be happy to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.

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