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Children’s foot care is especially important as their bodies develop and they become more mobile and independent. The specialists at Associated Podiatrists, P.C. in Novi, Michigan provide comprehensive, individualized foot care for young people and treat the full range of foot-related complications that children often face. To ensure that your child walks the path of optimal foot health, call or book an appointment online today.

Children's Foot Care Q & A

What is children’s foot care?

Children’s feet are shaped differently from those of adults; plus, they’re constantly growing and developing. In addition to treating the ailments of adult feet, the experienced team at Associated Podiatrists, P.C. offer specialized care and treatment for their younger patients’ feet, preventing issues and monitoring the rapid growth during your child’s developmental years.

Your child’s foot health is an integral part of their overall health, and there’s plenty to think about when it comes to children’s foot care, from choosing the right shoes to ensuring a healthy lifestyle and good physical habits.

Foot pain can have a negative impact on day-to-day activities and prevent your child from taking part in certain sports and activities. Some children may also change the way they walk to compensate for the pain, leading to serious musculoskeletal issues.

What common foot problems affect children?

Because most children lead active lifestyles, they are susceptible to a number of foot and ankle injuries, including inflammation, sprains, strains, and broken bones.

Children can also experience many of the same foot problems that adults do, but there are several conditions that are far more common among children and are often present from birth. They include:

  • Clubfoot: A common birth defect, clubfoot affects the foot and ankle, causing the heel and toes to twist inward. This position makes walking and foot function more challenging, and in some cases, clubfoot can be painful.
  • In-toeing: In-toeing, also known as “pigeon toes,” occurs when children either walk with one or both feet turned in, usually toward the front part of the foot. This condition is usually outgrown before age two.
  • Out-toeing: When a child’s feet bend inward from the middle of the feet to the toes, it’s called out-toeing.

What are the benefits of children’s foot care?

Podiatric care for children can help to monitor and improve your child’s development and foot health. Your podiatrist can also help you choose the right footwear for your child and provide any necessary treatments for an existing condition or one that arises.

When children begin to walk, their arches start to develop, and the muscles and bones become stronger. Your podiatrist can educate you and your child on proper gait, posture, and strengthening exercises, and give you valuable advice on foot care and hygiene at home.

To help ensure that your child maintains optimal foot health, call Associated Podiatrists, P.C. or book an appointment online.