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Gout, which leads to unbearable joint pain in your feet and ankles, affects more than eight million Americans. With the team of expert podiatrists at Associated Podiatrists, P.C. in Novi, Michigan, you can finally get relief from gout pain — and learn to prevent it. Whether you have occasional, minor gout flare-ups or you suffer from chronic, severe gout swelling, it’s time to schedule an evaluation and begin innovative foot and ankle health care. Book your appointment online or call the clinic.

Gout Q & A

Why do I have gout?

Gout, a type of arthritis, occurs when urate crystals, formed from uric acid, develop in your joints. While your body naturally produces uric acid when breaking down compounds called purines, common in red meat and seafood, your system generally just flushes them out through urine.

In some cases though, you either produce more uric acid than your body can get rid of or you have a diet rich in purines that leads to uric acid buildup. Because the compound gets stuck in your system, sharp, needle-like crystals start accumulating around the joint tissue, which causes inflammation.

What are the symptoms of gout?

Gout typically affects the largest joint in your big toe, but it can develop in other joints as well, including your ankles. If you have gout, you’re probably going to experience:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Swollen joints
  • Inflammation or redness
  • Severe joint pain

Your symptoms are generally most severe during the first 4-12 hours of a flare-up, but the pain and discomfort can last for days or weeks at a time.

How is gout treated?

Pain and inflammation from gout can be debilitating, and treatment often starts with medications to decrease discomfort. Specialized gout medications work by minimizing uric acid production, improving uric acid removal, or decreasing inflammation and swelling

While modern medications are highly beneficial for minimizing the severity of gout flare-ups — or stopping them altogether — your practitioner at Associated Podiatrists, P.C. also spends time educating you about lifestyle changes to improve your condition.

Can gout be prevented?

You might not be able to prevent every gout flare-up, but you can certainly take certain steps to lower your risk. When you have gout, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight and make changes to your diet. Your podiatrist will likely suggest:

  • Decreasing alcohol intake, especially beer
  • Minimizing red meat and seafood consumption
  • Avoiding fruit sugars (fructose)
  • Drinking more water

It’s also important to exercise regularly, not only to help maintain your weight but to improve your blood circulation and promote joint flexibility as well.  

Find out what the team at Associated Podiatrists, P.C. can do to improve your gout by scheduling an exam. Book online or over the phone.